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Olaf Scholz deeply involved in China Wirecard promotion

Ralf Bose - Wirecard-Aktien des Apas-Chefs - Alles Privatsache, klar!
The real Criminals, Bafin, Olaf and friends
KfW kehrt Prüfer EY den Rücken
Eintracht Frankfurt and russian Bartender...
The tracks lead to Hamburg - CumEx Scholz?

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Traders - who do their business on the back of the people and then claim it is a private matter
Anyone who believes in the sayings of investment managers and politicians is your own fault, investment and politics are like roulette, nobody knows the result as long as they do Ball is still rolling.

Thirsday, 31st December 2020- ISAAN NEWS and ISAAN-LIVE - independent, none political, neutral - reports!

Committee of Inquiry - Government advocated Wirecard in China more than is known - von Guttenberg - Merkel Club

Olaf Scholz is celebrating himself as the BIG giver in the Corona crisis - just to cover up how DEEP he is in the Wirecard affair!

Isaan News reported months ago, but everything was suppressed:
Olaf Scholz and his lackeys in the Bafin supported Wirecard in China, although it was clear the Wirecard was already about to go bankrupt. Did he try to get money from China to rescue this ailing company by buying up German companies that were made possible by China?
In January 2019, the Munich-based company wants to take over a Chinese company and can rely on help from the federal government. Thank you for "the excellent basis" by email. CumEx Olaf always with you!
The federal government has campaigned for Wirecard to enter the Chinese market much more extensively than previously known. This is shown by documents of the Committee of inquiry to clear up the financial scandal, which is available to the Spiegel. In January 2019, a joint statement was issued in Beijing on the German-Chinese financial dialogue, which was tailored to Wirecard in one point.
The former Wirecard CFO Burkhard Ley thanked the report later for "the excellent basis" that the agreement for Wirecards Activities in China. At the time, Wirecard was planning to enter the Chinese market by taking over a company.
Shortly thereafter, State Secretary of State for Finance Wolfgang Schmidt promised support. In an email from February 21, 2019, a German financial officer wrote Embassy in Beijing according to the information to Ley: "State Secretary Schmidt asked to be kept closely informed and, if necessary, to contact directly the Chinese side to be able to intervene if promises from the outcome statement are not kept. "
"With full awareness of the allegations" ,
Presumably with a view to the Financial Times, which had previously reported irregularities at Wirecard in Asia and thus alerted the supervisory authorities, the embassy employee wrote: "I hope you survive the storm unscathed." For Fabio De Masi, left chairman in the committee of inquiry, the show Documents: "The federal government has practically begged at the top level to finally get things done, with full awareness of the allegations the Financial Times. "
In response to Spiegel inquiries, the Foreign Office said: "The embassy's contact with the Wirecard company was within the usual framework of the Foreign trade promotion activities. "
Auditor under pressure for stock trading
The head of the auditing agency Apas also admitted in the U-Committee that he had traded in the company's shares. Now it also works for them Apas responsible Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) under pressure: He had to dismiss his head of the authorities Ralf Bose, demanded committee members different factions. Altmaier himself was "strange" about the share purchases on Friday.
"We will talk to those involved and we will check very carefully whether the applicable regulations have been complied with and whether it is necessary to use them To draw conclusions, "announced the minister. However, care should be taken before" quick action ".
The head of Apas testified in the committee that he bought the shares on April 28, 2020 and sold them again on May 20. On the day of purchase it was Wirecard's stock exchange price crashed after the auditing company KPMG revealed in a special report that there was no evidence for the Existence of alleged customer relationships and the sales generated by the emerging tech group.
When the head of the agency sold his shares again at a loss on May 20, his agency initiated formal professional supervision proceedings against them Auditors. Whether the sale was related to this process remained open at first.
Altmeier and Scholz "appear strange" and at the same time trade in Wirecard shares! Who is better at lying?
It's all a private matter, no insider trading, grievances that have long since been eliminated. Definitely. At least "strange" finds Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) the gambles of his subordinate authority boss Bose then after all. The supervisory ranks that he met in the parliamentary committee of inquiry on Friday night Confession of the Bundestag, not only stunned many MPs. In any case, this shows that the police can also be to blame if a thief clears out a shop.

The Wirecard shares of the Apas boss - all a private matter, of course!

Head of the Financial Supervisory Authority Ralf Bose - The Wirecard shares of the Apas boss It's all a private matter, of course! The head of the auditor oversight, Apas, gambled with Wirecard shares. And that while his authority was launching an investigation against Wirecard. Ralf Bose gambled with Wirecard shares - clear insider trading - why is he protected by Scholz?
Ralf Bose also sunk some money: Wirecard's shares fell by 20 percent as an auditor for KPMG in a special report found on April 28th that the balance sheets in the House of Wirecard were, on closer inspection, full of holes like Emmentaler. That very day, Bose struck - hoping the allegations against the payment service provider from Munich, the “German Apple”, who have sensationally risen to the top of the DAX, would subside again, the course would tighten again.
Just stupid: Wirecard is now one of the biggest accounting scandals of all time. The state auditing agency Apas therefore initiated in May Initiated supervisory proceedings against the Wirecard auditors from Ernst & Young (EY). The EY examiners apparently had for years for the testing of falsified ones Wirecard balance sheets received fees worth millions, but the balance sheet fraud was not discovered. Because they weren't really looking for it? Oh yes, completely forgotten: This bose is the boss of the apas! So: still.
The small authority with 46 employees had already screwed up in previous years to properly check the Wirecard auditors. That in turn have done their job properly is questionable. Otherwise, Wirecard would not have had to admit in June that 1.9 billion euros in its balance sheet is nothing had dissolved. And the board members didn't have to either go into custody or go to unknown countries.
In any case, Bose sold its shares on May 20 after talking to the Bafin. The financial supervisory authority was also in the Wirecard case for a long time been inactive. To this day, people there like to emphasize that they were not really responsible for the financial services provider Wirecard. But also acted at the same time Bafin employees lively with the long incredibly lucrative Wirecard shares: almost 500 times, 85 Bafin supervisors took part.

The real criminals

Failed all along the line
Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing: The APAS supervisory authority accuses the auditing company EY of failure in the Wirecard case. This criminal complaint is tough: the supervisory authority accuses the EY auditors, probably the real criminals in the Wirecard affair, with serious errors. They now want to defend themselves in the Bundestag investigation committee.
The public prosecutor's office can prosecute a serious criminal economic offense by auditors here. Only that has little to do with the Wirecard scandal, a scandal, yes, but criminal, questionable.
New details in the Wirecard scandal: These are the specific allegations against EY. The Apas authority counts for the first time several concrete allegations against the long-standing Wirecard auditor. EY does not feel that it has been sufficiently heard; the investor plaintiffs see themselves confirmed.
Düsseldorf, Frankfurt The auditor supervision Apas has collected several specific indications of possible misconduct by the auditors of EY in the Wirecard case. This emerges from two letters to the financial supervisory authority Bafin and the public prosecutor's office in Berlin from the end of September. About the specific content reported to the Isaan News several people familiar with the writing.
The allegations concern several years of the balance sheet audit at the payment service provider Wirecard. The group from Aschheim near Munich was at the end of June Perished in the course of a billion-dollar accounting scandal. EY had signed off its balance sheets for ten years.
The Handelsblatt had already reported last week that the Apas sees evidence of crimes committed by the EY actors, such as had leaked out of the Wirecard investigation committee.
Now the specific allegations of the Apas are becoming clearer. According to Handelsblatt information, these affect several years and test cycles from EY, 2015 to 2017. The Apas' letter literally states: From the point of view of the authority, “the audit reports may have been incorrectly reported or significant circumstances may have been concealed”.
Section 321 of the Commercial Code clearly defines what the auditor must report: He must explain the type and scope of the audit and state why it is has taken or failed to perform certain actions. If an auditor is proven to report incorrectly or withholds important facts, He is threatened with the consequences of Section 332 of the HGB: It includes imprisonment sentences of up to three years or fines .
These allegations are in detail:
1. Widerspruch bei Aufarbeitung von Geldwäsche- und Betrugsvorwürfen Apas criticizes that EY did not investigate a contradiction in the statements of the Wirecard management board. This refers to how to deal with that often quoted the so-called Zatarra report by the British shortseller Fraser Perring, which was published anonymously in 2016, and serious allegations against Wirecard raised, including money laundering and fraud allegations.
Auditors are questionable companies. You work with young, untrained, inexperienced consultants whose job it is to generate sales for the good of the company. Report culture is not, from own observations (from Isaan News staff), the consultants talk about your family and Baby time off, rarely over work.
In Corona Remote times, things are even better, you don't even have to check anything that you don't understand anything about.

KfW is also turning its back on Prüfer EY because of Wirecard

The next bank is turning its back on EY in the wake of the Wirecard scandal: After DWS and Commerzbank, KfW EY is now also dropping its auditor. The beneficiary: Deloitte. The consequences of the Wirecard scandal are becoming more and more devastating for EY: KfW Bank is now also terminating its cooperation with the auditor. EY will follow the The third largest bank in Germany will only check total assets until the end of 2021, a KfW spokesman told the Bloomberg news agency.
The media reported in autumn that KfW is considering changing its auditor. After all, Bank Wirecard has granted loans in recent years, but lost millions after the insolvency of the payment service provider. If you are responsible for ensuring that the fraud was not discovered earlier, is still unclear - but Wirecard's long-time auditor EY is under massive pressure, many injured parties are considering or have lawsuits against the Big Four house already sued. If the state-owned KfW were to continue to be examined by EY, there could be a risk of conflicts of interest.
DWS and Commerzbank decided against EY
KfW thus joins other damaged banks. At the beginning of September, the DWS fund company rejected the Big Four house. Actually wanted to the asset manager of Deutsche Bank appoint the auditor for the 2020 financial year. But DWS also lost a lot of money at Wirecard - and made a decision also because of "possible future conflicts" against EY. Instead, KPMG should now check the balance sheets.
And Commerzbank also turned its back on EY. In September, the bank announced that the supervisory board would hold an exchange at the next general meeting in 2021 of the auditor for the 2022 financial year. Commerzbank was also one of the Wirecard lenders and therefore had to go to the first Write off 175 million euros for the first half of this year. It is still unclear how the EY customer Deutsche Bank is handling the situation, after all, he too has a lot of money lost at Wirecard.
EY is under attack for Wirecard
This further loss of an audit mandate sends a devastating signal to the market. EY has so far not been able to exonerate itself from its role in the accounting scandal, because the auditors always refer to their duty of confidentiality. Even when Wirecard's insolvency administrator released them from this, they have it Testimony before the investigative committee in the Bundestag refused on the grounds that this was not sufficient. That caused a lot of misunderstanding and was Grist to the mill of the critics.
EY, which has won several well-known auditing mandates in recent years due to the auditor rotation, is threatened with further losses after the Wirecard scandal. However, the profiteers are the competitors: For example, DWS will initially continue to be audited by the previous auditor KPMG.
Hedge fund attacks, opaque business model, aggressive accounting: the Dax group Wirecard is in the twilight. This is how the company and the company develop Fight for rule over banks and investments.
At KfW, on the other hand, which was still audited by KPMG until the new auditor in 2017, Deloitte is now getting involved, as a spokesman told Bloomberg. This is an important gain for Deloitte, because the Big Four has so far hardly benefited from the rotation of examiners, especially when it comes to large mandates. EXCLUSIVE BANKROTTER PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDER How Wirecard granted an ex-barman from Russia a million dollar loan - and also deals with Eintracht Frankfurt planned
Everything that has rank and name is included! Wirecard is not the fraudster - the greedy followers, start-ups, politicians, supervisory authorities - everyone is involved- Insider Trade - Criminals!
Jan Marsalek, he is on Interpol's wanted list and, as Isaan News reports, he is safe in Russia. But the 40-year-old was up until June of this year Austrians probably the second most powerful man at the now bankrupt Wirecard AG, a payment service provider with an affiliated bank.
Wirecard has given investors and banks losses of around EUR 20 billion. Marsalek is targeted by the public prosecutor as a possible head of a gang of fraudsters. Now the stern and the magazine "Capital" were able to evaluate previously unknown internal documents that show how Marsalek was at Wirecard in 2018 and 2019 directed the outflow of funds - via the Wirecard bank, for which he was actually not responsible and which is under the supervision of the state control authority Bafin was standing. In spite of this, Marsalek was able to arrange for loans in the millions at the Wirecard Bank, for example to a Luxembourg company Backers in Russia. It was money that was apparently never seen again.
At the end of 2019, Aviatec Holding Luxembourg, which controlled the Russians Shamil I and Leonid A., was already considered to have lost six million euros In the reporting system of the Auditing Association of German Banks, the Wirecard Bank is "already conspicuous because of the high arrears of some borrowers, e.g. Aviatec ", the auditing company KPMG stated in December 2019.
As recently as March 11, 2019, Marsalek had made a memo with his steep signature for the borrowers: "Against the background of the The management has no doubts about the company's shareholder structure or the overall business development of the Russian subsidiary in the repayment of the loan and the repayment of the required interest payments, "wrote Marsalek.
Extensive reports with allegations of fraud against Shamil I, a former barman and later, had already appeared in the Russian press in 2018 Confidante of Putin's loyal governor of the Ulyanovsk region. Shamil I even headed the representation of this region in Moscow for a time, which is why the testing company EY classified as a "politically exposed person" - that is, someone with whom you had to exercise special care in the lending business. At times, his Luxembourg company was apparently also involved in a joint project with the state armaments company Rostec, which in Ulyanovsk, among other things, manufactures Pantsir air defense systems. Shamil I. now controls a company in Geneva and has an Italian passport. That should please Marsalek as the alleged holder of various passports.
Joint project with Russian arms company
Marsalek had campaigned for the Russian's Luxembourg company because it owned a subsidiary in Russia called Skytec that allegedly provided services for airlines and maintain "an extensive and successful business relationship" with Wirecard.
"Moscow am Main" - internal files show the bizarre world of Bafin imagination in the Wirecard scandal
But already in August 2019 all board members of the allegedly so reliable company resigned in Luxembourg. And posed towards the end of the year the Wirecard Bank found that the Luxembourg company had sold its Russian subsidiary - allegedly to an unknown buyer. The participation "was "According to information, sold to a third party without the knowledge of the bank," said a bank manager in January 2020 to auditors from KPMG. "Various attempts to contact us" have failed.
In fact, the sale had apparently already taken place at the end of 2018 - before Marsalek referred to the supposedly flourishing business in his memo. The buyer was a Florida company called Comepay, which also had men from Russia in the background - and Marsalek also mentioned this company in internal papers. Wirecard Asia Holding in Singapore - which operated under Marsalek as head of Asia - even gave Comepay a loan of 2.5 in April 2019 Million dollars.
Millions for a company in Libya, a country of civil war
Besides Russia, Marsalek was particularly interested in Libya, a country with civil war; He is even said to have planned his own mercenary force there. He also campaigned for the Wirecard Bank for a company that was allegedly active in Libya, in two memos in January 2018 and January 2019. The company hadn't made interest payments? That could be due to "the very restrictive handling of foreign payments by the Libyan central bank", wrote the manager. In a list by the Wirecard Bank from September 2019, the loan of three million US dollars was canceled after a payment default of 458 days listed as "defaulted" - that is, a failure, just like the one for the Luxembourg company of the two Russians.
As the parent company of the bank, Wirecard AG had secured the loans for both of them with a guarantee. She did the same for an eight million loan Euros for the travel company of a German business partner in the Philippines who died in the summer. That man was for Wirecard and their Asia boss Marsalek of great importance: In addition to his bus company, he also ran one of those companies through which Wirecard used significant parts of its alleged business with third parties ran in Asia.
Wirecard granted credit to Russians with contact to the Russian arms industry
Another amount of 11.25 million euros was on this list of a total of 24 larger "individual loan commitments" as a default in September 2019 classified, after a payment delay of 395 days. The recipient was Bijlipay Asia Pte in Singapore.
Later on, bank managers from the auditing firm KPMG would assure that Bijlipay had "settled all arrears in 2019". Also signed here Marsalek wrote a memo in January 2019 in which he campaigned for the company. In mid-2018 "a temporary suspension of repayments for the months of August, September and October 2018 agreed ", wrote the Austrian in January 2019.
At this company, Marsalek's longtime confidante Henry O. was "on the team", as Marsalek said in a survey by representatives of the auditing company KPMG November 2019 noted. Some consider him to be Marsalek's sidekick.
Henry O. is simply "a veteran of the payment industry", the Wirecard manager said in November 2019. On O.'s recommendation, the Wirecard bank should Have granted loans of over 25 million euros to a company in Singapore, which was run by the husband of a Wirecard manager and, according to Marsalek, through her "Intelligent IT platform" stood out. In September 2019 there were also payment arrears here.
Earning "a lot of money" with porn and games business In February 2020, a former Wirecard CFO told KPMG auditors what he knew about Henry O. Marsalek introduced him to him a few years ago in the restaurant of the Munich star chef Alfons Schuhbeck. Apparently O. "did a lot of high-risk business ('adult and gambling') and made a lot of money with it".
"Adult" is a euphemism for porn, while gambling stands for the gaming industry.
"This," the ex-board member continued, "is also a business area in which Wirecard is active and in which it is basically possible to move into a black or gray business to slide".
The name of Henry O. also appeared in an email from a Wirecard bank board member about the loan for the two Russians' Luxembourg company. "Please give me one more information on how Mr. O. wants to use the money, "he wrote to Marsalek in a postcript. The supervisory board wanted more information here.
The bank manager later assured that the money for O. meant a separate loan of ten million, not the money for the Russians. Olaf Scholz and Wirecard: It's always the others to blame
Either way: With three of the largest loans of the Wirecard Bank, defaults were recorded in autumn 2019 after Marsalek agreed for the recipient had made particularly strong. Nevertheless, for a long time no one seemed to have recognized a pattern. It was not until July 2020 that a report by the bank's internal auditors addressed the significant role Marsalek played in issuing loans - although he was not responsible. Now is also of possible criminal offenses against the bank the speech.
Marsalek's attorney now responded to a request that "no explanation is currently given" on allegations. Henry O. was not available for inquiries.
For the bank there was apparently no risk at the time with the loans to Marsalek's favorites, because the parent company - Wirecard AG - repeatedly had a guarantee accepted. Of course there is nothing left to be had there today.
The question now also arises whether the loans that were granted in the interests of the parent company or its managers violate the regulatory requirements of the Have violated risk management. That begs the question of whether the Bafin has not looked the other way for too long. "THE HOUR ZERO"
"We want to conquer the world now": How payment pioneer Heidelpay (another questionable company) is profiting from the Wirecard bankruptcy This process must now also be processed in the Wirecard investigation committee of the Bundestag, says the Green MP Danyal Bayaz: It is "It is completely incomprehensible that Jan Marsalek, without a formal role in the bank, made credit decisions on his own." With such a weak internal The Wirecard Bank's control system should have "taken action". The left-wing MP and financial expert Fabio De Masi sees it similarly: "The bank's lending business was apparently controlled by the board of Wirecard AG," he told the star and "Capital": "That would have been noticed by the Bafin Have to! "That is what Florian Toncar, the FDP representative in the investigative committee, also believes:" Obviously, the supervisors slept and slouched here too, "he says. "The fact that Marsalek, who did not have an official position in Wirecard-Bank, had any influence on the bank's credit decisions, would have been at Bafin attention e have to rain. "
The Bafin did not want to comment on their duty of confidentiality.
Another ominous borrower was also provided with a guarantee from Wirecard AG: a company called Juwel 143. VV UG, based near the Berlin Alexanderplatz. The company was backed by Payleven, a start-up founded in 2012 that produces software and card readers for payments via Smartphone or tablet developed - based on the model of the US provider Square.
Payleven was not just a mix of the Berlin start-up forge Rocket Internet by the Samwer brothers (another Russian roulette company!) And others Investors with, but also Wirecard: In 2013 the Group entered into a partnership with Payleven, which involved new solutions for mobile payment systems.
Berlusconi's children were involved in a Wirecard borrower In the same year, according to the documents, the Wirecard-Bank issued a so-called convertible loan to Payleven in 2013 - secured by the parent company. 2016, In the course of the merger of Payleven with a competitor, this was converted into a loan of 8.5 million euros. The Wirecard bank kept it the right to exchange the loan for shares in the company. This is one of the reasons why the bank listed its involvement in the Berlin company as an "investment project".
With this borrower too, colorful business partners who are considered "politically exposed persons" played a role: the family of the former Italian Prime Minister and billionaire Silvio Berlusconi. Five of Berlusconi's children had already joined Payleven in 2013 with their investment company B Cinque.
After the merger with the Berlin fintech SumUp in 2016, a company was created that at the time already had a payment volume of around one billion euros unwound. At that time the Berlusconis also stayed on board. According to the commercial register, they now hold almost 6.5 percent of that company, the borrower the Wirecard bank was. However, the loan itself was repaid by the end of 2018, according to the bank records. Unlike in other cases The parent company Wirecard AG didn't have to step in - but it had vouched for here too. ACCUSED FRAUD AGAINST GRENKE A second Wirecard case? Speculator is shaking the next German financial group And another prominent name appeared at times on the list of Wirecard Bank's largest credit customers: Eintracht Frankfurt. The Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, with which the club participates in Bundesliga matches, received a loan approval from the bank of five million euros in May 2019 - without Guarantee from Wirecard AG or other special securities. Obviously, the credit line has not been used for the time being.
Upon request, the association did not want to comment on the business relationship. In Bundesliga circles you can hear that Eintracht made a deal a long time ago concluded a cooperation with Wirecard. Accordingly, after a corresponding tender, the group should actually be for Eintracht this season take on the role of payment service provider in the stadium and in the fan shops. Wirecard should provide card readers and cashless payments, for example from fans at sausage stands or drinks stands. As part of the talks, Wirecard then offered a loan from the bank at very favorable terms. After the bankruptcy of the group, the Bundesliga team has now signed another service provider.
In contrast to many other loans that Wirecard Bank has granted to Asia and elsewhere in recent years, this was about that Core business of the group: payment processing. As is now known, Wirecard has been doing this actual business in recent years high losses.

What is left ...

Whether small or large investors: 11,500 victims (victims? No, stupid, greedy investors and money launderers) of the Wirecard scandal want their money back. 74 of them wanted to meet now.
Most of the chairs remained empty, who wants to be recognized? Laundering money is criminal, and stupidity is stupidity!
Someone has to count the billions that Germany's biggest economic scandal cost. The victims of Wirecard fraud are therefore in front Wednesday morning at 7.30 am in the cold in front of the Löwenbräukeller in Munich; 74 people who want their money back. "Meeting of creditors" is called Event at which the broken pieces of the Dax group are swept up. 1.9 billion of alleged escrow accounts are missing anywhere in Asia that has turned out in late June. A few days later, Wirecard was insolvent. Former CEO Markus Braun has been in custody since the summer, his right hand, Jan Marsalek, has gone into hiding, the whereabouts of the billions and everything else is unclear.
In truth, these alleged believers are nothing more than greedy investors who have listened to the fine words of the best investment seller. have closed the floodplains from greed, because there have been enough examples in the past, lazy investments, stocks that have "increased overnight" 400%, cashed in and The End!
The prosecutors speak of a criminal gang and commercial fraud. Quite a few people, including former Wirecard employees, have theirs Lost retirement savings. The desperation turned into death threats in the summer. Will that be repeated in the beer cellar this morning?
Stupidity expresses itself in anger, against one's own stupidity!

Track to Hamburg-CumEx Scholz?

STOCK MARKET PRICE MANIPULATION? Wirecard traces lead to Hamburg
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Lobbyist Olaf Scholz, the experienced CumEx expert
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The Chancellor - lobbyist in China
von Guttenberg - fired politician but still close to the Chancellor
etc ... read on at

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